Redaptive is a portfolio-scale energy solutions and funding provider that uses data to deploy performance-driven sustainability upgrades, generating turnkey building savings for enterprise customers. The company helps Fortune 500 customers achieve economic, energy efficiency and carbon-reduction targets, all while maintaining optimal building asset performance.

When Redaptive came to Antenna Group, their current messaging and website portrayed the company as mainly focused in HVAC and LED lighting efficiency upgrades. Antenna Group’s domain experts worked with Redaptive to expand the company’s message with a more technology agnostic approach to working with organizations in a broader capacity on reducing waste, lowering carbon emissions and helping meet sustainability goals. The company wanted to acknowledge their customized, data driven methodology through their International Electreon metering company, but maintain focus on the Redaptive brand and solution-oriented messages around sustainability. Antenna Group’s website strategists, ecosystem experts and designers worked together to better highlight Redaptive’s enterprise level customers and industries they serve with featured logos, case studies, video assets, and photography that convey a broader customer base and engagement in their industry. The site was strategically developed to capture interest and grow with the company’s success with ease of backend usability, alongside supporting frontend transition animations, videos and lead generation strategies.

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